About me

Selfie with my long-term research assistant Aime SOME (left) and TD OUEDRAOGO

Me and my long-term research assistant Aime SOME (left) and T.D. OUEDRAOGO (right)

I am a cultural anthropologist broadly interested in the human ecology of global change. This means I am interested in the ways individuals, households and societies adapt to the impacts of climate change and globalization. I mostly conduct social-ecological fieldwork in the Sahel of West Africa where I have worked in the northern Central Plateau region of Burkina Faso. Some of my research has also been in Western Alaska and the Southwest United States.

My research themes include: climate change, sustainable livelihoods, food security, and especially households. I employ a wide range of methods that include: GIS, remote sensing, ethnography, household survey, and agent-based modeling. I currently have a National Science Foundation project integrating ethnography with remote sensing in Burkina Faso.

Select Publications:

West, C.T. 2015. Public and Private Responses to Food Insecurity: Complementarity in Burkina Faso. Culture, Agriculture, Food and Environment 37(2):52-60.

West, C.T., E.K. Nébié, and A. Somé. 2014. Famines are a Thing of the Past: Food Security Trends in Northern Burkina Faso. Human Organization 73(4):340-350.

West, C.T. 2013. Documenting Livelihood Trajectories in the Context of Development Interventions in Northern Burkina Faso. Journal of Political Ecology 20(1):342-360.

West, C.T. 2010. Household Extension and Fragmentation: Investigating the Socio-environmental Dynamics of Mossi Domestic Transitions. Human Ecology 38(3):363-376.

West, C.T. 2009. Domestic Transitions, Desiccation, Agricultural Intensification, and Livelihood Diversification among Rural Households on the Central Plateau, Burkina Faso. American Anthropologist 11(3):275-288.

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